How Sparklean Cloths works?

It is easy to use.


  • Rub tarnished objects gently.
  • For scratches and severely tarnish surfaces rub vigorously
  • Buff clean surface with a cotton cloth.
  • The ultimate all-purpose polishing cloth contains nothing harmful to the skin and will not damage the most delicate finishes.
  • Do not wash the cloth. Cloth discoloration does not in any way affect its efficiency.
  • The darker it gets, the most efficient it gets. The chemical in cloth will not evaporate. However, after being used, it should be placed in its own zipper bag.
  • Follow by using Sparklean Jewelry & Glass Cleaner for the ultimate shine.
You can use Sparklean Polishing Cloth on Gold & sterling silver, Platinum & rhodium, Brass & copper, Aluminum & chrome, Nickel & stainless steel, Tungsten & titanium, Jewelry and Watches, Silverware & tea sets, Motorcycles & boats, Guns & Knives, Golf clubs & fishing tackle or Wood & ceramic tiles.

With Sparklean Polishing Cloth you can remove:
  • Tarnish on Metals
  • Surface scratches on metals
  • Water Marks & Ink on furniture
  • Verdigris on antiques
  • Scuff marks on floors
  • Rust & corrosion on metals
  • Burn Marks on appliances
  • Rust on enamel and porcelain
  • Paint spots on metals/glass
  • Water marks on granite/marble
  • Road film on glass/metal
  • Rosin from violins