About us

About Sparklean - Leaders in Eco-Friendly Jewelry and Glass Cleaning

Founded: January 10, 2003
Founder: Manuel Sanchez
Headquarters: Miami, FL, USA
Global Presence: 51 Locations Worldwide
Specialization: Jewelry and Glass Cleaning Solutions
Website: www.sparklean.com

Our Journey in Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Innovating Since 2003
Sparklean, established in Miami by Manuel Sanchez, revolutionizes the jewelry and glass cleaning industry. Our commitment to eco-friendly and effective cleaning solutions has made us a preferred choice globally.

Expanding Beyond Borders
From our first store in Miami's Bayside Marketplace to 51 locations worldwide, Sparklean is synonymous with quality jewelry and eyeglass cleaning. Our global footprint includes the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Spain.

A Family Legacy in Cleaning Excellence
Guided by Manuel Sanchez and his sons, Sparklean blends family values with innovative practices to deliver unparalleled cleaning solutions for high-end jewelry and watches.

Trusted by Luxury Brands and Consumers Alike
Our products are celebrated for their safety and effectiveness, particularly among owners of luxury brands like Rolex and Cartier. Sparklean's reputation in the high-end market underscores our commitment to quality.

Digital Reach for Global Accessibility
Embrace Sparklean's innovation from anywhere in the world through our comprehensive online platform. Experience our top-rated jewelry and glass cleaners with worldwide shipping options.

Our Diverse and Innovative Product Range

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

  • Sparkbrush Watch Detailer: A game-changer in watch care.
  • SparkPen Ring Cleaner: Precision cleaning for fine jewelry.
  • Sparklean Polishing Cream and Cloth: The ultimate solution for metal rejuvenation.

Our advanced formula is also a favorite for cleaning screens, eyeglasses, and windows, providing anti-fog and residue-free results.

Sustainability and Customer Satisfaction: Our Core Values

Eco-Conscious in Every Drop
At Sparklean, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it's our operational backbone. Our biodegradable and eco-friendly products reflect our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Prioritizing Our Customers
Every Sparklean product is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. We ensure the highest standards of quality and effectiveness in our eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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Note: Sparklean is independent of the luxury brands mentioned. These brands exemplify the effectiveness of our products for high-end items.